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Heidi Dyer

Easy Tricks to Keep Your Home Warmer


If your home feels cold, don’t just turn up the heat—that can be expensive, and wastes energy. Before adjusting the thermostat, try these easy tricks to keep your home warmer in spring and winter.

Get a door draft stopper.

These handy little gadgets cost as little as $10, and fit at the base of a door to stop warm air from leaking out—and cold air from leaking in. Or make your own, using a rolled-up beach towel.

Hang thick curtains or blinds.

Cover the windows at night with thick blackout-style curtains or blinds (either vertical or horizontal) that block the draft, and keep rooms cozy.

Open the blinds in the morning.

Let the sunlight in during the day, to help warm your home naturally.

Cover your fireplace.

Fireplaces can be drafty when they’re not being used. First, make sure that the flue is closed. Next, buy a fireplace cover or screen that blocks the draft—or make your own, using a small blanket (or towel) and tape.

Add weather stripping to door frames.

This reduces the amount of frosty air seeping in around your doorframe, and can be completed in as little as one afternoon using self-adhesive rubber foam tape.

Put area rugs on bare floors.

Sometimes, rooms feel colder because floors are bare. Inexpensive area rugs make “standing areas” warmer on wood floors, kitchen tile, or bathroom tile.

Add caulk to window frames.

Eliminate the drafts coming in around your windows in a single afternoon, using a can of caulk from your local hardware store.

Try bubble wrap insulation on your windows.

If you have older, single-pane windows, your house can feel colder. Bubble wrap insulation can be applied very simply to these windows, using scissors and water—trapping the heat inside.

Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans.

By reversing the direction of your fans, you naturally draw down the warm air that rises to the ceiling.

Try a programmable thermostat.

While this is a little more complicated than the other tricks, it pays off in the long run—by giving you lots of heat when you really need it (for example, when you wake up) and then reducing heat usage when you sleep or work. Newer models come with an app that lets you adjust the heat from your smartphone.

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